Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Watching Chase Grow

I met Chase and his family last fall just before Christmas and I have been there over this last year to him grow.  He has now reached another big milestone, his first birthday!  You will remember his sweet little face from earlier posts on www.netteinc.blogspot.com my older blogsite. 

Chase had a big ole' birthday bash featuring The Cat in the Hat.  He wasn't a big fan of his tie, or his hat but we managed to snag a few shots of him in his attire!!

He had lots of fun with his cupcake smash but we messed up the kitchen pretty good! Sorry mom, or should I say dad...not sure who was stuck cleaning up the mess after I left!  I know it wasn't me! ;)

Happy Birthday Chase!! I was so glad to be there for part of your birthday celebration!!

~Annette xo

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