Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Sutton Family

Today I want to share a post of my great friends, The Suttons!  Lori and I graduated from the same Nursing class.  We knew each other but we didn't really hang out as she lived at home and I stayed in residence.  A few years ago, she and her family moved in on my street!  We met up again when our oldest daughters were in the same class together.  The girls had nearly an instant bond and we all have been friends ever since!! 

Her two children I could adopt without hesitation!!  They are so sweet and such wonderful young ladies!  Her hubby is a great person and a really sweet guy too!  Even our dogs are besties!! :)

It was my pleasure to snap up a few photos of this great family!  I did manage to get a few real smiles out of them but they know I'm a little loony!!  It's okay, they are not scarred for life!!

I'm so grateful for such sweet neighbors and it's extra nice that you are my friends!!  I hope you enjoy the product of our afternoon together!!  I had a great time!
~ Annette


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  1. Really nice pictures. I especially like the last one.