Sunday, April 6, 2014

A great day to post!

Here's another of my April weddings from last year!  I've known Dave since my hubby and I were dating some 20 years ago.  They had started playing in a band together back in the day and so have been friends forever!!  Sheri came on the scene a little while later, a sweet gal from New-Wes-Vally ( the place my nan grew up) so I knew she was a great person from the beginning!  And she put up with Dave, so she had to be awesome! ;)

I had the privilege to spend the day Sheri and Dave on their beautiful wedding day.  It was a year today in fact and it was a sunny day to start but as oftentimes in NL, turned a little overcast and boy was it cold!!  We did manage to get outside for some photo ops but not with the hint of!  Here are some images from their lovely day!


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