Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Jones Family

Take twin boys, a silly dad and a mom who was probably the only one excited to get the photos done.  What do you get...oh about every typical family photo session! 

We met up at Bowring park and had a great time!  This couple are old friends of mine but it was the first time I met their boys.  I have a 10 year old son too so I know what comes with the territory!!  Boys will be boys and siblings will be siblings!!  I considered it a great accomplishment that day when I got both of them to smile at the same time, when they were somewhat nice to each other and everyone looked at the camera the same time.  It was all good!!  We tossed in bit of crazy, a whole lot of silly and as you can see in the photos, lots of love!  Come and meet the Jones family!

It was great to see you guys again and to meet your boys.  I hope everyone had a fun day, I know I did.  All the best guys!


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