Monday, October 3, 2011


I have grown very fond of this great family.  You have seen them on my blog before and they are growing before your very eyes through my posts!  So, when 3 year old Landon steps out of the car and gives you a big hug, smiles the biggest smile you ever seen and asks "you gonna take my picture?" Well, you kind of feel like family too!!  

Wherever this journey takes me, one thing is for certain, it has allowed me to meet some really fantastic people!  I really feel Blessed to be able to connect with people and love it so much when they keep coming back.  No pressure of!!

Thanks for having me and allowing me to capture Landon as he grows into a big boy!!

I hope you had a wonderful birthday Landon and I can't believe you are 3!!  Happy Birthday Buddy!!


Angry Birds!!

This goat was paid good fodder to advertise for me!!! ;)

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