Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Susan & Colin

I had so much fun this summer and fall with the weddings I have been a part of.  It's been such a wonderful experience meeting the couples, families and friends and documenting one of the most special days of a person's life.  Susan and Colin's wedding was no exception. 

A cool and somewhat overcast Saturday didn't damper any one's spirits as we hung out at the Goulds.  I met Susan and her parents, bridesmaids and a few family members around noon that day.  Susan was spectacular as I arrived and she only had her hair done at that point!  I watched as the family put finishing touches on the flowers, cake and transformed themselves into a gorgeous entourage.

Susan was calm and seemed to take every moment in savouring its magic as the day unfolded.  She transformed from a beautiful girl into a stunning bride right before our eyes.  She wasn't nervous or anxious, just ready to make her intentions known to her groom in waiting.  I left the gorgeous bridal party to spend a bit of time with the groom and his gang!

I found Colin hanging out at his brother's house waiting for the time to come to see his beautiful bride.  He too was calm and ready to get down to business.  They groom and his groomsmen looked quite handsome in their very fall inspired chocolate suits.  Of course as we left for the Church, there was a few must-have items that just had to be loaded up for later that evening!

With everyone ready to go we headed to the Church where family and friends withnessed a lovely service and an emotional Susan shed a few happy tears during her vows to her best friend Colin.  With Colin smiling from ear to ear, they emerged Husband and Wife!

The new Mr. and Mrs. Keats were presented and the rest of the day continued.  We had to stop by to visit a furry friend along the way of course!  They would have hadtheir puppy Reese there if they could have I am sure.  But as the Church policy stated "although we appreciate that pets are like members of your family, they are not permitted in the Church".  So if Reese couldn't come to us, we had to go to him!!

Susan and Colin,
Thanks so much for having me spend time with you on your wonderful day!  It was a pleasure to document you both as your move into this new phase of your life.  Enjoy the little things and love hard!

Best wishes for a fabulous future!!



  1. Absolutely beautiful!!!!! Fantastic job!

  2. all gorgeous but would have liked more coloured because i loved the colour she choose. Awesome pictures....love Mom

  3. Beautiful job Annette! That last image nearly stole my breath. My compliments to the bride on putting together a lovely wedding too. So colorful and happy!

  4. Heartiest congratulations to the lovely couple. Superb clicks as well! Signage board and wall displays of at the exterior of the event space Atlanta booked for our known's wedding were mesmerizing. Liked the ladder décor too. Seating arrangements were done on sides and buffet dinner was set separately.