Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Birthday girl

Turning five is such a milestone!  It's that kind of birthday that says, wow, I'm growing up!!  Look at me, I'm a big kid, I'm 5!! Parents prepare themselves for Kindergarten, having some free time and grocery shopping sans children!!  Although all that is appealing, it's hard on us.  It's very emotional and scary.  We are sending out babies out into the world to go to school and learn things from a new person.  Someone who doesn't know everything about our child, someone who doesn't get the little things that make them unique and special, someone who's not mommy or daddy!!  I remember feeling such mixed emotions about school.  Will the teacher be kind and patient?  Will my child like her class?  Will she do well?  Will she be happy?  Sending my little girl off on that big yellow bus scared the bejeebers out of me!  But she climbed up the stairs, waved bye and off she went.  I don't think she looked back and she's 14 now!

Turning five is about adventure, new friends, exciting stories and a little independence...even if we (the parents) aren't ready for it.  So, I am wishing a very Happy Birthday to this sweet girlie who turns five later this month. 

I am so glad I had a chance to spend time with you and your mom again.  I hope your birthday party is lots of fun and that you enjoy being five.  Because five is so very special just like you!!



  1. Oh my Annette ! I figured the first 6 or 7 you posted would be the best ones..... I guess not !!
    You do such an amazing job !!


  2. Absolutely Beautiful!!!!!!

  3. I think I am gonna have to get One of each when the pictures are done.. They are all beyond Beautiful!!!

  4. awesome pictures of a very beautiful little girl wow!:)