Monday, June 11, 2012

Jr High here I come!

Oh my how beautiful are these young women today!!  It's so hard to believe that such a short time ago they were little tiny tots. Time is nothing but a breeze in the wind.  We have a baby and they are little and so dependant and overwhelming! But we try our best, without an owner's manual or a warranty.  We give love and they smile, we feed them and they are happy, we nurture them and watch them grow into beautiful young women and handsome young men.  How do we not see this time pass so quickly?  How has grade 9 come so fast and furious? 

We try and preserve these times in our lives and keep them close to our hearts.  As each second, each day and each year goes by we have these images of when they were babies-their first birthday, their first day of kindergarten, the first time they rode their bike.  We take a minute and capture what our minds would never fully recall.  So, in 3 years when we do this all again on a much grander scale, we can look back and see how far our little babies have come and hope we did good by them.  Praying that we've helped them grow strong and become all that they can be and hope they know how much we love and adore them.

I have to stop writing now...sniff...

Congratulations to you as you leave grade nine and head into Junior High and good luck with exams this week. You are a beautiful and sweet girl and I know can do anything you want to do.


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  1. OMG all the pictures are so precious! Kaitlin you are absolutely beautiful inside and out. Annette you did an awesome job on capturing this very special day for her. Great work once again.