Friday, October 12, 2012

LOVE not hate

In light of all the talk of bullying in the news lately, I thought it was a great time to revisit a little home photo shoot I did with my daughter back in February.  She had the idea and wanted to do this for herself but we both agree, it sends such a strong message that I wanted to share again with my followers and whomever else has been affected by such acts of hate, violence or demoralizing comments.

LOVE not hate

Before you label someone, or call them names or hate on them, you are inflicting pain and sometimes it can be too much.  

This post is for anyone who has felt left out, ridiculed, hated, received a horrible text or post from someone.  You are not alone.  You are special and have a right to respect and dignity and love.

LOVE not hate



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  1. You should have these done as posters and put around the schools.
    I am OUTRAGED with all the bullying. I was bullied as a teen for being fat; it hurt then and it still hurts now. Every rose has it's thorn. It pierces the skin and it heals but the scars are still there. I think the parents of bullies should be held accountable if the minors can't be charged, charge the parent and make an example of them for not teaching their teen right from wrong. I can go on and on. I pray for those children and hope they get help. Why is it that we can't shake the bullies and give them a taste of what they do to others. AN eye for an eye perhaps. I think the worse thing to leave the schools is the good ole fashioned strap; they need to fear the principal again. Expel the bullies and punish the parents.